Can we order custom sizes?
Yes, you can. Some artworks can be printed in very large format. Please email us at with your requirements. Please state the name of the artwork and the sizes you require. 

What paper do you print on?
A luxuriously smooth 280 gsm bright white innova FibaPrint White Matte paper. It delivers an incredible colour range and reproduces deep blacks. Thus it is the perfect paper for both black and white as well as colour photography, reproducing beautifully natural skin tones and vibrant colours. This paper is ‘archival certified' and has blown us away with its seemingly flawless performance.

 Will the print fade or lose colour?
Inks are guaranteed not to fade for 75 years under normal indoor lighting conditions.

How long until I receive my print?
All orders go into production as soon as they are placed and delivery time is dependent on the manufacturing as well as the time it takes to courier items to their destinations.

Manufacturing times for fine art paper prints: 3-5 business days.

Courier times across South Africa: 2-5 business days. 

 What happens if a print is damaged?
Every case is assessed and if it is deemed that the print was damaged in transit then we have no problem in replacing the print. 

 Do you do framing?
No. We do fine art prints only. 

 What payment methods are used?
Payment methods available include:

– Debit card
– Credit card